Rory Hughes

I'm a secondary school student living in Dublin, Ireland.

I like to write software.

Most of my development experience is with Ruby & JavaScript but I have worked with many other languages and frameworks and am very competent picking up new technologies.



StudyNet is a web app I built as part of a team as an entry into the Microsoft Image Cup 2014. It was created to combat the difficulties that 2nd and 3rd level students face when it comes to study. Students using it have the ability to share notes, set goals, join private groups and access past exam papers and solutions.


EntoLogic was a project a friend and I created to help programming newcomers understand how programs work by explaining snippets they provide in whichever language they speak. We presented it in the BT Young Scientist 2014.
It uses a large number of technologies including: Haskell, Ruby, NodeJS, AngularJS, MongoDB and Redis.
It isn't online at the moment unfortunately. If your interested please contact me below.


ng-drum is an AngularJS drum machine I built after seeing EmberBeats (built in EmberJS).


MedSys is a project I worked on for the 2013 BT Young Scientist. It is an automatic cloud-based medical alert platform that keeps track of a persons body statistics by using their smartphone. It alerts the emergency services if something goes wrong. They are then able to view recent data from the patients sensors and location information.


This was a small project I did to measure how randomly people choose numbers from 0-9. I posted it around the internet and received thousands of clicks. View the results on the site.


A SimpleURLShortener I built for